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GOLDEN TYRE GT232N 120/100-18

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    GOLDEN TYRE GT232N 120/100-18
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Designed for: Soft/Mid terrain. The GT232N is suitable for a wide range of terrains but is in a league of it’s own when it comes to muddy/sandy terrain and is able to self clean even the tackiest mud. The latest N version features our newest compound which helps extend wear even when used on hard/rocky terrain.

The GT232N rear tyre was designed and tested by the top off-road race teams in Europe, Australia and the U.S. It is suitable for a wide range of terrains and is particularly good for semi soft – muddy/sandy terrain. The GT232N design offers excellent traction on loose terrain and also facilitates the discharge of mud. The latest version of the GT232N features an even greater improved compound design which provides incredibly even wear and traction throughout the entire life of the tyre. When used on hard-packed terrain and begins to warm in temperature, the compound becomes more malleable to avoid chunking and tearing knobs which helps in increasing the life of the tyre.

  • Open tread pattern with optimised rubber compound provides excellent traction in soft/intermediate conditions and exceptional wear characteristics
  • Reinforced carcass design allows for maximum traction without sacrificing feel and rim protection
  • Tall sidewall allows the tyre to flex and maintain ground contact and grip on uneven terrain
  • Self-cleaning knob spacing and design for mud and sand conditions
  • DOT approved
    Recommended G-Mousse insert #MOU2012 (est. 12-14psi) or #MOU2014 (est. 14-16psi)