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    GOLDEN TYRE "FATTY" FR 90/100-21
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Designed for: Mid/Hard terrain. These have dominated races all over the world. From extreme terrain Red Bull series to high speed, painfully demanding Finke and Baja desert races. It’s oversized profile dramatically improves from end shock absorption and grip on rough terrain.

This is the 6th generation of the now famous GT216AA FATTY front tyre!
These tyres have proven their versatility and performance across many disciplines of our sport and their unique characteristics have shown beyond doubt they can benefit riders from all skill levels. Their incredible performance and durability have put them on the top step of the podium for all types of races across the world from Erzberg and Romaniacs extreme enduro, Finke and Baja desert races and even the incredibly tough Africa Race that still runs on the original Dakar rally route.

Goldentyre CEO, Marco Caribotti said there was a very specific design brief for the newest edition of the Fatty front tyre and the goal was to make sure all the benefits of the classic GT216AA 90/100-21 would be retained while increasing handling and sharpness at slow speeds.

- The “Fatty” tyre specifically designed and tested by the best extreme enduro racers in the world.
- An oversized profile creates a larger rolling diameter to overcome logs, rocks, ledges and other challenging terrain.
- Increased footprint and tall, flexible sidewall allow for maximum traction in uneven terrain commonly found in off-road racing.
- Directional tread design allows for improved cornering and braking grip.
- High volume front tyre allows for a wide range of tyre pressure settings to suit any race and terrain.
- DOT and F.I.M. approved
Recommended G-Mousse insert: – MOU2001 for enduro/bush (est. 10-12psi) – MOU2002 for Finke/desert (est. 14-16psi)