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FWF KTM 790 / 890 ADV 19-23 PRE FILTER KIT

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    FWF KTM 790 / 890 ADV 19-23 PRE FILTER KIT
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FunnelWeb pre-filters to suit KTM Adventure bikes are designed to replace existing snorkel covering grids enabling an easy, tool less pre filter inspection and/or change.

These filters prevent most dirt from entering the air box without causing air flow restriction.

Trap and hold more dust on the outside surface of the filter
Maintain optimal air flow by spreading dust build over an increased surface area.
Enable longer filter service intervals.

The Foam Profile:
Provides a 100% larger surface to trap more dust
Traps dust evenly over the increased outside surface area while allowing optimum airflow for longer periods of riding
Effectively reduces the frequency of filter changes and cleanings.

The Seal:
Any air filter is only as good as its seal. Most of the genuine, Australian made, FunnelWeb Filter seals are injection moulded urethane or a die cut, urethane / foam combination.

These seals will not shrink, stretch or tear and will maintain their shape, regardless of how they are treated ensuring any air entering your engine passes through the filter foam.

790 ADV & ADV R 19-21
890 ADV & ADV R 21-23