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FWF KTM 85SX 18-23 | MC85 21-23

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    FWF KTM 85SX 18-23 | MC85 21-23
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Foam Profile:
Designed and manufactured in Australia, utilising the latest technologies in open cell foam 3D profiling, the pyramid profile effectively doubles the filters outside surface area without increasing its overall size and, compared with conventional foam air filters. Pyramid profile is designed to:

Provide a 100% larger surface area
Trap dust evenly over the increased outside surface area while allowing optimum airflow
Maintain optimal airflow by spreading dust build over an increased surface area
Effectively reduces the frequency of filter changes and cleanings

Foam Seal:
Impenetrable, robust foam enables a tight fit and guarantees no dirt or debris enters the airbox. The robustness of the seal also reduces the chance of shrinking, stretching, and tearing to allow for optimal fit over its lifetime.

85SX 18-23
MC85 21-23